hapori whanui  community 

The Learning Environment is stewarded and supported by an expansive network of individuals, families and organisations.

In relationship, we work together to realise this Vision and bring about a more beautiful world.

Tangata  People

The Learning Environment community is made up of a number of people who are either Coordinators, Kaitohutohu [Advisor] or Kaitūao [Volunteer].


A Coordinator is someone who is deeply committed to nurturing the Learning Environment on an ongoing and regular basis. Coordinators are either employed by Woven Rivers Trust, Pīwakawaka Farm Ltd, or have a Memorandum of Understanding with Woven Rivers Trust that affirms their role, responsibility and commitment.


For Coordinators, the Learning Environment is a high priority. They consistently invest time and energy to different Trees and Branches of The Forest, while maintaining a holistic perspective of the ecosystem as a whole.


Coordinators are essential nodes in the ecosystem, and they seek to act as cultural role models for any who engage with the organisation. 

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Short-Term Coordinator 

These are people who are engaged with The Forest for a specific period of time - kind of like a part-time or short-term employee. This may involve people who only have a certain capacity to contribute. More commonly, this involves people initially engaging with the organisation who undertake a Six-Month Learning Period to get to know the organisation, understand how it works, and figure out whether long-term stewardship is for them.

Long-Term Coordinator

These are people who are committed to stewarding the Learning Environment on an enduring basis. They are highly invested and will continue their stewardship for as long as it feels appropriate for their life and wellbeing.

Kaitohutohu  advisors

A Kaitohutohu is a respected collaborator of considerable expertise who other members of the Community can turn to for advice. They are a highly-valued member of the community, and they are critical to effective and appropriate decision making. 


Kaitohutohu have a Memorandum of Understanding with Woven Rivers Charitable Trust, and they are committed to offering their expertise to the realisation of the Vision.

Our Kaitohutohu come from diverse and unique backgrounds, with expertise ranging from business and project management, tikanga and te reo Māori, alternative education, organisational management and ecological regeneration.

We are announcing our advisors soon, watch this space!

Kaituao  volunteers

Kaitūao voluntarily offer their time and skills to various smaller aspects of the Learning Environment. Volunteer opportunities are diverse and far-ranging, from actively working on the land to working away behind a computer screen from a distance.

There are always things that need doing in an organisation with such a big kaupapa! Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in supporting this Vision in any way.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities for engagement, contact us at ecosystem.learning@gmail.com

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ropu  organisations

The Learning Environment collaborates with a number of other organisations that are committed to the wellbeing of people and planet.


These collaborative relationships come in three forms: Partner Organisations, Affiliated Organisations and Integrated Organisations.

partner organisations

These are organisations that are already engaged in work that can feed and be fed by the Learning Environment. Partners may be committed to furthering education, offering funding, or collaborating on specific projects.


Partner Organisations retain their independence and sovereignty, and become equal partners in a mutually beneficial relationship. Partner Organisations may include iwi, councils, education providers, community groups etc.

Affiliated Organisations

These are organisations that remain independent, while maintaining association and collaborative potential with the Learning Environment. These organisations are similarly aligned, may be spread around the country, and are keen to support and be supported by the network.


Affiliated Organisations contribute financially on an annual basis to remain Affiliated, and receive reciprocal benefits - including resource sharing, shared promotion, and being part of a mutually supportive network.

integrated organisations

These are organisations that become fully integrated with the Learning Environment. They are either generated within the organisation, and are thus sub-organisations owned by the Woven Rivers Trust, or they are externally owned organisations that are then sold/gifted to Woven Rivers Charitable Trust and integrated into The Forest.


This option allows organisation owners to bring their organisation under one umbrella (the Learning Environment), pass on administration duties, absorb the benefits of full collaboration, and retain their roles doing what they love.

If your organisation is interested in any of these opportunities for engagement, contact us at ecosystem.learning@gmail.com