Our land funding campaign was successful! You can learn more by reading the information below. 


We've reached our goal of $550,000 to purchase Pīwakawaka Farm in Whanganui, 673 Papaiti Rd!


We've also reached our second goal of $650,000 to catalyze impact! We've now finished campaigning, but are still open for pledges to help us reach our final goal of $825,000 to sustain our Coordinators. 


We're on a roll and together we can keep up the momentum of this successful campaign.

We’ve set up a simple donation mechanism for USA donors through Gift Trust.


Total funding 



$650,000: Catalyze Impact

The additional $100,000 will go towards stage 1 infrastructure and operations. Some of our current priorities include:

  • A large barn classroom with kitchen facilities. The Namaste Foundation has generously gifted us an ablution block (showers and toilets), 20 bell tents, mattresses, and bedding. 

  • Propagation infrastructure for the native nursery enterprise. Shade houses for the propagation of native plants have already been funded by the Whanganui River Enhancement Trust.

  • Cropping beds, irrigation, and greenhouses for the propagation of vegetables.

  • A food processing facility for the manufacturing of fruit and vegetable products.

  • Essential operation expenses: rates, accounting, website hosting, communication applications etc.

$825,000: Level Up Coordinators

  • $100,000 towards stage 1 infrastructure and operations (as above).

  • The additional $175,000 will go towards 7 part-time salaries for 1 year ($25,000 per person).

It's inspiring to see a group of people come together and translate their values into action. Best of luck and look forward to seeing you reach your goals.
-Tom Saunders

If you feel moved to join us by making a donation, your donation is tax deductible.

All funds will be held by our Charitable Trust - Woven Rivers Charitable Trust.


A letter of endorsement from the Namaste Foundation

Namaste Foundation.png

Foundational Partners Group 

By donating $10,000 or more you will be invited to join our Foundational Partners Group. 


You will become part of a small group of people who have special access to a range of benefits to acknowledge your foundational role in the success of the Learning Environment.

We will work with you to ensure they take the right form for you. 



$10,000 NZD +


  • Recognition and promotion through our communication channels and acknowledgement in our physical environment.

  • Collaboration/partnership opportunities - we can work together to enable your personal, organisational or charitable goals.

  • Invitations to special events on Pīwakawaka Farm (e.g. Opening Ceremonies, Harvest Festivals, Annual Foundational Partners gathering).

  • Gifts from Pīwakawaka Farm - food, beverage, and other plant products.



$50,000 NZD +


  • All of the $10,000 benefits PLUS...

  • Free use of Pīwakawaka Farm as a venue for 15 years - A lush, sub-tropical place to host a Hui, mini-conference, or other gathering. The land will love you! Standard booking conditions will apply.  



$100,000 NZD +


  • All of the $10,000 and $50,000 benefits PLUS...

  • You will be able to attend individual learning experiences for free and access organisational learning experiences at a discounted rate. Valid for 15 years and standard booking conditions will apply.


We are inviting you to become part of a visionary project situated in Whanganui, Aotearoa New Zealand; join us in investing in the Learning Environment.

Learn more about Pīwakawaka Farm, the Coordinators, and our financial planning.



The latest video from our crowdfunding campaign!

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The Learning Environment is a living educational campus reimagining a resilient, unified, and thriving future for Aotearoa New Zealand. We are backed by the Mayor of Whanganui, local community groups and organisations, as well as our wider national network.

Letters of support:

Whanganui District Council

Office of the Mayor

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