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Connectivity Amidst Uncertainty

A collective experience of healing and activating in reciprocal relationship with each other and the Earth

“Mehemea ka moemoea ahau, ko ahau anake.
Mehemea ka moemoa tatou. Ka taea e tatou.”
- Te Puea Herangi

“If I dream, I dream alone.
If we dream as a collective, we can achieve our dream.”


In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, with a global pandemic and climate catastrophe, it is natural to experience a range of challenging emotions including frustration, anxiety, grief, disconnection and hopelessness. During this workshop, we will create a space to process these emotions with the nurturing and powerful support of both a group of women and Papatūānuku [Mother Earth].

About the Course:

Join Julie Crocker and Emma Morris at Pīwakawaka Farm to create a space to share and acknowledge our feelings together so we can move through them into action.

Over the day we will explore the different landscapes of the Farm; the forest, the gardens and the waterways. Through a series of facilitated activities we will draw out our own inner and collective wisdom by tuning into the world around us.

About the practice:

This work is based on the ‘Work That Reconnects’ by teacher and activist Joanna Macy. This practice has been developed over decades and Julie and Emma have been both participants and facilitators of this body of work for the past 4 years. Together, we will navigate through the four stages of the Work That Reconnects spiral; expressing gratitude, honouring our pain for the world, seeing what’s happening with new eyes and finding tools to go forth strengthened by this process.

We will cover group, partner and individual activities, including:

  •  Guided meditation and mindfulness;

  • Self-reflection;

  • Movement & play;

  • Sensory observation & nature connection;

  • Ceremonial spaces;

  • Adventuring the landscape

Date: Dec 4th 10am - 6pm
Price: Sliding Scale $60 (unwaged) - $120
Lunch Provided
Medium Fitness required
Location: Pīwakawaka Farm, Papaiti, Whanganui (further details with registration)


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