Ko koe ti tēnā, ko ahau ki tēnei kiwai o te kete

You carry that handle, I will carry this handle,
and together we will carry the woven basket

One-time or Monthly Donations


Your donations make this charity possible. All these donations will be focused on covering our basic running costs of the charity, including:

  • Accounting - $1900 per year

  • Maintaining and running digital platforms - $900 per year

  • Legal Fees - $4000 per year 

  • Insurance - $1000 per year 

  • Utilities - $2200 per year

  • Promotions - $4000 per year


That’s a total of $14,000. If you gave us $20 a month then we would only need 54 donors to make this charity sustainable over the next year or so. Any excess we receive beyond funding running costs for the Trust will go into the Scholarship Fund


We are also actively applying for and receiving grants which fund the purchasing of infrastructure to establish educational spaces, such as classrooms, a native tree nursery, demonstration vegetable gardens, and other facilities for learners.


Your support is greatly appreciated by not only the Trust, but all the supporters of this vision and future learners at the Socio-Ecological Learning Environment.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding donations 

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting this kaupapa [purpose]!


Your donations will be going to Woven Rivers Charitable Trust (WRCT), which exists to

remove the barriers to learning about the environment and mental wellbeing.