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Ko koe ti tēnā, ko ahau ki tēnei kiwai o te kete

You carry that handle, I will carry this handle,
and together we will carry the woven basket


We're passionate about making a difference for the next generation. Your donations help make this possible.

Scholarship fund


Donations go directly into our Scholarship Fund, which is managed by the Learning Environment's registered charity, Woven River's Charitable Trust.

This fund exists for the sole purpose of making our courses accessible to those who can't afford them. Wherever possible we seek grants and government funding to support courses. The scholarship fund enables us to offer unique and innovative education to communities.

Our core focus is to support rangatahi [young people] with their mental and physical wellbeing along with skills for future employment. 


Choosing to make monthly donations makes a huge difference as it supports us to plan courses in advance, ensuring we prioritise those who will benefit most.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding donations 

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