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Sensations of summer

Purpling toenails slowly falling off from blistered hikes

Ripening tomatoes, thick, vibrant, juicy treats

Salty ocean swims, whipping west coast wind, turbid water and chaotic waves

More muddy river swims and biking without a destination

Kitten melted in puddles on the floor, struggling to take off her fluffy coat

A cacophony of cicadas, the complex chatter of tui and the honks of peacock

Visiting cherished friends, time apart vanishes between laughter and shared kai

Cuddling babies - their soft, sticky hands and new teeth

Long evenings at the farm, golden-hour drenched over hills and flowers

New tracks opening tunnels to unexplored areas through walls of stingy gorse

Loss of a dear friend, welcoming the depths of grief and praise

A forest vigil - candles, flowers, tears, memories and silence

Dinners on the long table, fresh garden grilled on the bbq, a mutli-bless of speeches and laughter

Packing boxes of summer kai for the people, a rainbow spread of delights

More and more friends and family getting the virus

Vaccines, protests, riots, confusion

Sleeping in hammocks, under crown-shy kānuka

Kayak fishing, a gang of deep, circling kingfish

Forests of thick bamboo, waterfalls, ferns, giant rata

Flittering pīwakawaka, swooping kererū, the inquisitive pause of a young deer

Friends, helpers, visitors, dogs

Apples and apples and apples and apples!

A circle of women, celebrating and despairing for the earth.

Dancing barefoot, expressing life stories through stones and flowers, hushed tones and bold steps

Enjoying the sweetness of homegrown watermelon, plums and strawberries

Collecting seed, storing past and future stories

Bumblebees resting on echinacea pollen

Sunflowers blooming, inspiring, drying and drooping

The sharp turn into autumn as the air cools overnight

Summer melts into the distant horizon

Moving north to greet old friends

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